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Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail(2014)S2 Episode 20


Yoshioka Futaba Ao Haru Ride Ep. 6


Haikyuu!! :: Oikawa Tooru

I’m glad that you still intend to fight.


Some of Sushio’s fabled prototype designs for Kill la Kill, straight from “The Art of KLK” book. Picture course of an /a/non who has kindly promised to eventually scan it and upload it to the usual sources. And yes, that is Satsuki with short hair.


stupid drawing I dont like it but Ill post it anyways because I dont have anything else to post u.u sasukes pose is weird lol 


"Every game needs its thrill." 
"Your game is in sickeningly bad taste, demon."

Shingeki No Kyojin || 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear


God dammit Eren


Usagi-chan, wake up!